Nordic Hub

The Nordic Hub was launched on 23 February 2023. The inaugural Chair of the Hub is Marie Jull Sørensen. The inaugural Co-Chairs of the Hub are Hrefna Friðriksdóttir, Jens Scherpe, Erik Sinander, Beata Sjåfjell, Amund B Tørum and Kaius Tuori.

The Hub is composed of the following countries: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. It based at Aalborg University in Denmark. The University and the Department of Law (Juridisk Institut) have offered to host the Nordic Hub and provide administrative assistance.




ELI Nordic Hub Organised its first in-person Meeting in Copenhagen

The Meeting took place at the Aalborg University Campus in Copenhagen on August 30, 2023 from 12:00–17:30. It was open to both Nordic ELI Members and...


ELI Executive Committee Approves Launch of the ELI Nordic Hub

At its meeting of 23 February 2023, the ELI Executive Committee approved the ELI Nordic Hub as a welcome addition to ELI’s 14 Hubs, participially in...