ELI’s Turkish Hub Held a Webinar on the ELI Model Rules on Online Platforms


On 6 July 2023, ELI’s Turkish Hub held the third webinar in a series of webinars organised to introduce ELI projects to Turkish lawyers and discuss their potential influence on Turkish Law. The webinar gathered 15 participants.

The webinar was opened with a welcome address from Prof Ayşegül Buğra Şar (ELI Turkish Hub Co-Chair; Koç University, Istanbul) and was followed by a detailed presentation of the ‘ELI Model Rules on Online Platforms’ by Mr Onur Doğan Yörük (Research Assistant at Pîrî Reis University, Istanbul), who also translated the ELI Model Rules to Turkish. Discussions were led by Prof Eylem Aksoy Retornaz (Galatasaray University, Istanbul) and Prof Kadir Berk Kapancı (MEF University, Istanbul). Prof Eylem Aksoy Retornaz elaborated on the importance of regulating different types of platforms and criticised the broadness of article 8 of the ELI Model Rules (Duty to Protect Users), compared to Turkish. Subsequently, Prof Kadir Berk Kapancı explained how platforms are regulated under Turkish consumer law and compared these provisions with the ELI Model Rules.

More information is available here.

The recording of the webinar is available below: