Business and Financial Law SIG Inaugural Workshop


On 23 June 2017, the Business and Financial Law SIG held their inaugural workshop, organised by Yuri Biondi (Research Director at the Financial Regulation Research Lab (LabEx Refi)), Corrado Malberti (Professor at the University of Trento) and Andra Cotiga-Raccah (Associate Professor at the Catholic University of Lille).

The event was kindly supported by the LabEx Refi and hosted by the University of Vienna. The welcome address was given by George Cavalier (University of Lyon 3) and Peter Doralt (Vienna University of Business and Economics). The SIG drew various practitioners and academics together from across Europe and various topics, including the natural role of companies, limited liability, sources of liability and socially responsible investments, were discussed. Other topics included a revised Shareholders’ Rights Directive, cross-border mobility of companies in the EU (including reform options), and disclosure/accountability for corporations and investors. The day produced fruitful discussions, the latter being consistent in substance and European harmonistion was considered in tandem with the various topics addressed.

The SIG will meet again (on 8 September) at the ELI’s Annual Conference to further discuss their findings and consider aspects of the SIG’s future, including welcoming new Members. While the Business and Financial SIG mainly focused on the above topics, they have also dealt with the subject of financial intermediaries in the era of new information technologies. The aim of the SIG, in line with the goals of ELI, is to adopt a holistic approach to considering the role which businesses play in shaping the market.