Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups

Following Council Decision 2015/1 of February 2015, it was decided that Special Interest Groups (SIGs) would be formed to create subject specific ELI Hubs. A call for expressions of interest was issued, which stimulated ELI Members to provide feedback on areas of law which were of greatest interest to them. The Executive Committee subsequently identified topics which would progress to form SIGs.

SIGs are a core part of the ELI structure, providing subject-based expertise and progressive ideas for future developments in the law. The activity of SIGs include scrutinising the latest developments in their chosen field; drawing the Executive Committees attention to issues if necessary; considering if a response from the ELI would be appropriate and if so contributing to that response.

Groups consider how the ELI could add to the improvement of law in each area; and by informing European policy makers and legislators of their findings aim to impact legal progression in a positive, comprehensive direction. SIGs are self-regulating and must elect at least two chairs and report on their activities to the ELI Council annually. SIGs are intended to be flexible and open groups, accessible to all.


SIG Guidelines and SIG Communication

SIGs are governed by the Guidelines for Hubs and SIGs of 24 January 2019.

Communication within the SIGs is mainly electronic to enables participation from geographically diverse Members, thus providing an active forum for debate and Project development. This also creates an accessible resource for broad ranging critical review of the current Projects of the ELI in each chosen area.

On the exclusive Members section of the website MyELI, each SIG has a dedicated page where Members may post comments and suggestions and can interact independently with each other. This enables comments and contributions to be made by a broad range of Members, regardless of their location.


Join or Establish a SIG

If you would like to set up or join a SIG, please contact the ELI Secretariat. Any Member of the ELI is welcome to join any SIG at any time.

Please note that by joining a SIG, your personal data (name and surname) will be published on the ELI website. Should you like to revoke your SIG Membership, kindly contact the ELI Secretariat and your details will be removed.