2023 ELI Annual Conference: Digital Law SIG Panel Explores Digital Vulnerability in European Private Law


On 8 September 2023, the Digital Law SIG held a panel entitled ‘Digital Vulnerability in European Private Law,' within the framework of the 2023 ELI Annual Conference at the University of Vienna.

Christoph Busch (Professor of Law, University of Osnabrück), Alberto De Franceschi (Professor, University of Ferrara) and Ursula Pachl (Deputy Director General, European Consumer Organisation) delved into the dynamic landscape of digital business models, presenting both exciting opportunities and intricate challenges for consumers. Amidst these rapid developments, regulators grapple with the ongoing challenge of aligning regulations with ever-evolving technologies. Against this intricate backdrop, the panel embarked on a thought-provoking exploration of whether the AI-driven chatbot economy necessitates a fresh perspective on the concept of 'digital vulnerability.' Furthermore, they critically assessed the suitability of current EU legislation, including the Digital Services Act (DSA), Digital Markets Act (DMA), AI Act, and Data Act, as the cornerstone for adaptive and data-driven regulation.