ELI Digital Law SIG Held a Fourth Seminar in its Speaker Series


The webinar of 15 June 2022, entitled ‘The Data Act Proposal’, was delivered by Moritz Hennemann (Professor, University of Passau).

EU Data Regulation has gained momentum. The EU Commission has presented far-reaching proposals which have – in parts – already been enacted. A new EU data economy framework evolves – focussing on data trade, data access, data intermediaries, and data altruism. The central piece of this framework is the EU Data Act. An EU Commission draft was presented in February 2022.

Against this background, the talk gave a concise introduction to the new EU data economy law in general and discussed the Data Act draft in detail. Prof Hennemann pointed to the strategic goals, to the conceptional framework, to selected instruments, and to practical challenges of the Act.

More details are available here.