Sub Group on Access to Justice and Digitisation

The primary focus of our Subgroup is on exploring the interaction between law, technology, and society. Our ambition is to improve access to justice and build an effective and sustainable civil justice system. We consider that digital technologies can provide considerable help in doing this. But digital technologies need careful considerations so that the changes they bring are beneficial for the society.

Digitisation, automation, algorithmization of procedures, and privatization of justice through alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and online dispute resolution (ODR) will be milestones towards the path of improving access to justice at both EU and national level.

We intend this Subgroup as a platform for discussing the most recent scientific advancements in the domain of access to justice and digitisation. For this reason, our Subgroup will hold monthly seminars to establish an interactive discussion forum for researchers from law and other disciplines.

We will contribute to strengthen international and European research networks, to elaborate research projects, to open new scientific collaborations. Accordingly, we will participate in conferences/seminars/workshops to present the research achievements of our Subgroup. We will keep our network updated on our activities through a monthly newsletter.

We invite all the members of the ELI Digital Law SIG and the wider ELI Community to send us ideas, suggestions, and proposals for activities, research, and discussions.


  • Marco Giacalone


  • Elena D'Alessandro
  • Antonio Davola
  • Rossana Ducato
  • Moustapha Ebaid
  • Wian Erlank
  • Giovanni Giacalone
  • Gina Gioia
  • Tatjana Josipović
  • Xandra Kramer
  • Silvia Martinelli
  • Leigh Sagar
  • Nadja Skaljic
  • Harry Stamelos
  • Fumie Suga