ELI Family and Succession Law SIG Held a Webinar on Non-Judicial Justice in Family Law


On 29 June 2022, the ELI Family and Succession Law SIG held a webinar entitled ‘Non-Judicial Justice in Family Law: Four Perspectives on Private Divorces’. It was the first webinar in a series focusing on non-judicial divorces in European jurisdictions.

The speakers were: Elisabeth Alofs (Associate Professor, Free University of Brussels; Researcher, University of Antwerp), Rute Teixeira Pedro (Professor, University of Porto), Felisa María Corvo López (Associate Professor, University of Salamanca) and Ester di Napoli (Research fellow, University of Ferrara).

Each speaker dealt with the most recent developments on divorce in their jurisdictions by highlighting the following issues:

  • Which national institutions are competent for the dissolution of marriages?
  • Is the competent authority/professional allowed to examine the substance of the agreement in matters of divorce and/or parental responsibility?
  • Is the authority/professional a ‘court’ according to the definition given by the applicable rules?
  • Which matters are dejudicialised?
  • How is the hearing of children regulated where non-judicial authorities/professionals are competent to deal with matters of parental responsibility? 

The webinar was followed by a lively Q&A discussion.

More details are available here.