2023 ELI Annual Conference: Insurance Law SIG Held a Panel on Current Issues in Insurance Law


On 8 September 2023, the Insurance Law SIG held an engaging panel discussion entitled ‘From Vienna via London to Vegas: A Whistle Stop Tour of Current Issues in Insurance Law' within the framework of the 2023 ELI Annual Conference at the University of Vienna.

Helmut Heiss (Insurance Law SIG Co-Chair; Professor, University of Zurich), Franziska Arnold-Dwyer, Jeffrey Stempel (Professor, University of Nevada, Las Vegas) and Manuela Zimmermann (Partner, Schoenherr) touched upon critical topics within the domain of insurance law.

Among the focal points was the opportunity to delve into the far-reaching implications of recent case law from the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) on group insurance. These legal decisions were analysed in-depth, and their reverberations on insurance intermediation, contract law, and private international law were thoroughly examined.

Another significant facet of the panel discussion revolved around the post-Brexit insurance regulatory regime in the United Kingdom. Insights into the intricacies of this regulatory framework and its potential impact on the future trajectory of the insurance industry were given.

Intriguingly, the panel also explored the dual systems and divergent outcomes characteristic of United States insurance law. This exploration aimed to unearth valuable lessons and perspectives, providing potential relevance and cautionary insights for the European Union.