Cayetana Santaolalla Montoya

Cayetana Santaolalla Montoya is Associate Professor of Private International Law and Common Law Fundamentals at Public University of Navarra, Spain. She studied Law at University of Navarra and she holds a Doctor in Law by the Basque country University.

Cayetana is a member of the European Association of Private International Law (EAPIL), member of the academic network of competition law in Spain (RADC), member of the Europe-Spain network of private international law (RED) and member of the Spanish network of professors of international law and international relations (AEPDIRI).

Cayetana is member of the legal team and main researcher in several projects: a European Commission project, on consumers, and two regional projects: on competition policy infringements and intellectual property rights. She has worked in the private sector on international trade and corporate social responsibility issues for 15 years.

She has worked at United Nations, in Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), within a project “Latin America and Caribbean without hunger”, promoting public-private partnerships. She has held visiting researching at the International Institute for the Unification of Private Law (UNIDROIT), in Rome, and at the Centre for Legal and Economic Research (CIJE), in Porto.