Individual Members

ELI’s Individual Members reflect the full diversity of legal communities in Europe and beyond. Where there is an imbalance, its Membership Committee seeks to address this by selecting focal vocations and jurisdictions it wishes to attract. More here. Applications by other jurists are, as always, highly desirable irrespective of the Committee’s current focus area.

We invite our Members to take an active role in the Institute’s work by suggesting topics for projects and collaborating with other Members on various initiatives, such as through Members Consultative Committees (MCCs), Advisory Committees and Hubs or Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

For more on how to apply to be a Member and the applicable fees, see the Important Links table on the right.


Current Individual Members of the ELI

To access a full list of Individual ELI Members, please click the 'ALL' option. Alternatively, clicking on a letter of the alphabet will direct you to all Members whose surnames begin with that letter.

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Current Sustaining Members

To view profiles, kindly click on the Members' name. Members that did not wish to publish their photographs and profiles or are yet to hand these in are listed without links to biographies.