Fausto Pocar

Professor em. Univ. Milan, Drhc Antwerp and BuenosAires. M. UNHRC under ICCPR (1984-2000) and Chairman. Spec. Repr. UNHCHR for Chechnya and Russian Fed. (1995-1996). App. Judge ICTY (2000-2017) and President (2005-2008), and ICTR (2000-2015). Ad hoc Judge ICJ (2017-). It. Del. to Gen.Ass., HR Comm., COPUOS. It. Del., Hague Conf. Priv.IL. Rapp.  Lugano Convention 2007. Author of publ. in IL, HR, ICL, IHL, PrivIL, EuLaw. Lecturer (1981,1993) Hague Academy IL; m. Institut de Droit International; Pres., ItSocIntL.