Third Party Funding of Litigation Project Draft Principles Discussed


The Reporters and Research Assistants of the ELI Third Party Funding of Litigation project met online with the Advisory Committee to collect feedback on the latest draft.

Project Co-Reporters Susanne Augenhofer and Sara Cockerill opened the meeting with a general update on the status of the project and invited those present to share their views on the structure and content of the draft.

Advisors provided detailed input on various aspects.

After the elaborate discussions, the Reporters concluded with a brief summary and thanked the Advisors, Project Assistants and the ELI Secretariat for their work and feedback.

The Project will be discussed at a dedicated panel on 7 September at the ELI Annual Conference 2023. More here. Another meeting with the Advisory Committee is being scheduled for the end of the year.

Completion of the project is expected by September 2024.