Fellows and Individual Observers

The European Law Institute has over 1,400 Fellows and Individual Observers, reflecting the full diversity of legal communities in Europe and beyond. Our Members are a fundamental part of the Institute, having been so from the ELI’s conception, and are the driving force behind the ELI’s progress.

‘Diversity’ is enshrined in the ELI’s Manifesto and founding Statute. It represents the true spirit of the Institute. Celebrating diversity, by involving a diverse range of personalities, reflecting the richness of the legal traditions, legal disciplines and vocational frameworks found throughout Europe, stands the ELI apart. It is what makes our legal community so uniquely vibrant. Equally, the endorsement of ELI projects by this broad constituency adds to the richness and authority of the Institute's substantive work.

Current Area of Focus - Geographic

  • Baltic
  • Central and Eastern Europe (in particular Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic)
  • France
  • Scandinavia

To honour the ELI's commitment to diversity, the Membership Committee periodically selects different focal points for Members throughout the year. Applications by other excellent jurists are, as always, highly desirable irrespective of the Committee’s current focus area. 

We invite our Members to take an active role in the Institute’s work by suggesting topics for projects and collaborating with other Members on accepted initiatives, through Advisory Committees, Members Consultative Committees (MCCs), ELI Hubs or Special Interest Groups (SIGs).


Two Types of Individual Membership


  • Fellows must be natural persons and must actively engage, by their professional, vocational or scholarly activities, in European legal development. They are internationally renowned legal professionals from academia, the judiciary, various legal professions, governments, legislatures and other sectors, who participate in the Institute’s activities on the basis of their personal and professional convictions and without regard to the interests of any clients or stakeholders.
  • The annual membership fee for Fellows is EUR 60.
  • Sustaining Members pay a total of EUR 120 a year. More information on the Sustaining Membership scheme can be found here.

Individual Observers

  • Individual Observers must be reputable natural persons who take an active interest in European legal development.
  • The status of Individual Observer is especially suitable for colleagues who cannot undertake to speak and vote without regard to the interests of particular stakeholders.
  • The annual membership fee for Individual Observers is EUR 60.

Current Sustaining Members of the ELI

Surname First Name Country of Residence
Alberti Stefano Italy
Alvarez Olalla Pilar Spain
Angiolini Chiara Silvia Armida Italy
Azizi Josef Austria
Bielska-Sobkowicz Teresa Poland
Boijin Lucian Rumania
Cassese Sabino Italy
Charalambous Christina Luxembourg
Cipek Ksenija Croatia
Coggiola Nadia Italy
Cordero Sanchez Jorge Mexico
Dekleva-Marguc Darinka Slovenia
Doralt Walter Germany
van Erp Sjef The Netherlands
Fornage Anne-Christine Switzerland
Fountoulakis Christiana Switzerland
Jiménez Muñoz Francisco Javier Spain
Gainet Celine France
Gammeljord Anne Birgitte Denmark
Gielen Patrick Belgium
Gormley Laurence The Netherlands
Griss Irmgard Austria
Graf von Westphalen Friedrich Germany
Heiss Helmut Switzerland
Horak Hana Croatia
Feldman Tanel Belgium
Iamiceli Paola Italy
Imbruglia Daniele Italy
Infantino Marta France
Izarova Iryna Ukraine
Johnson Philip United Kingdom
Josipovic Tatjana Croatia
Jowell Jeffrey United Kingdom
Lastra Rosa United Kingdom
Malberti Corrado Italy
Marano Pierpaolo Italy
Martin Sara Spain
Machnikowski Piotr Poland
Mak Vanessa The Netherlands
Metzinger Peter Hungary
Mignot Juliette France
Mildebrath Hendrik Germany
Muric Mehmed Serbia
Nakib Hazem United Kingdom
Nesterova Irena Latvia
Norio-Timonen Jaana Finland
Papp Tekla Hungary
Perriello Luca Ettore Italy
Philippe Denis Belgium
Poga Edijs Latvia
Pichonnaz Pascal Switzerland
Oliver Peter Belgium
Ruda Albert Spain
Russo Domenico Italy
Rosenvald Nelson Brazil
Sagaert Vincent Belgium
SánchezUrán Azaña Yolanda Spain
Schneiders Alexandra United Kingdom
Shamlikashvili Tsisana Russian Federation
Seehausen Jesper Denmark
Stempel Jeffrey USA
Simonati Anna Italy
Smith Vincent United Kingdom
Sorabji John United Kingdom
Steffek Felix Germany
Stix-Hackl Christine Austria
Timmermans Christiaan Belgium
Tjong Tjin Tai Eric Netherlands
Tomas Gema Spain
Tsogkas Lampros Greece
Uljanic Skreblin Iva Croatia
Vekas Lajos Hungary
Vitali Matteo Ludovico Italy
Wilcox Vanessa Austria

Current Individual Members of the ELI

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